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Absences must be excused before 10 a.m., but no later than 24 hours following the absence.

•    Call the LAHS Absence Line – 663-2511 or
•    Email the Attendance Office –  or
•    Take a parent/guardian note to the Attendance Office or
•    Take a medical/dental slip to the Attendance Office

Remember to include:
•    the student’s full name
•    parent/guardian’s name
•    daytime phone number
•    reason for absence
•    date and time of absence

Attendance Policy

Long Term Absence Request Form

If you have questions about your student’s attendance, you may contact the attendance clerk, at 663-2527.


How do I get out of class for a medical/dental appointment?
Before the appointment, get a slip from the Attendance Office and give it to your teacher. When you return to school, stop by the Attendance Office to drop off your medical/dental slip and get a slip to return to class.

PowerSchool shows an absence for me, but I was in class. What should I do to clear this absence?
Speak to your teacher and if an error was made, ask them to notify the Attendance Office.

My parent/guardian needs to get me out of class immediately because of an emergency. What does he/she need to do?
Your parent/guardian must come in person to the Main Office and bring their driver’s licenses. Your student will be brought to the Main Office.

How long does my parent/guardian have to excuse an absence?
Your parent/guardian has until 3 p.m. the following day to excuse your absence.

My parent/guardian is taking me on an extended trip (more than two days). What do I need to do beforehand?
At least five days before the proposed trip, print the Student Travel Request (link) or get a copy from the Attendance Office. Have each of your teachers and your parent/guardian sign the form. Take the form to the Main Office for review by the Principal.

Why does my parent/guardian receive absence/tardy emails from the Attendance Office that do not specify to which student and which period the email refers?
Because of the number of students at our school, a generic email is generated from a PowerSchool report of all absences and tardies. The parent/guardian may check the specifics of the absence/tardy on PowerSchool.

Where do parents/guardians and students get their user name and password for PowerSchool?
Parents/Guardians may obtain their PowerSchool access information by calling 663-2519. Students may obtain their access codes at the Data Specialist’s Office in the Counseling area.